Riley Live
850 AM Thousand Oaks
Original KGOE RCA console,
production had a five pot version.

KGOE signed on the air in Sept of 1972, as a daytimer with this
R.C.A. BTA-1R Transmitter, running 500 watts into three towers days,
a fourth tower was added later on; allowing KGOE to go nights with 250 watts.
850 AM towers close up
850 AM transmitter
shack from above
Richard Haskey (1939 - 6/10/2003)
Radio's answer to Dr. Marconi;
built 850 AM's transmitter site.
More on Richard Haskey here:
Mark Pollack
KGOE's first engineer manned the XMTR before remote control was authorized.

A Shure mini mixing console was used
for remotes in the trailer & at the XMTR shack.
Updated OCT 24, 2016
Ken Jeffries
Frank Touch First DJ
Tom Straw DJ
Pete Qu-it DJ
Dave Markell
Bob Smith PD 74
State Farm agent since 1977
Dave Camper PD AKA Tony Cox
Bill Manders
Johnnie Darin
PD 75 D 3-9-2014
Ken Jeffries Now on LA Daily News
Jack Popejoy PD
Steve Hafen GM  KVIP Redding
Mark McKay aka Mike Cantena
Sandy Beach
Bill Ballance
Dana Michaels
Jim Simon d Owner
Chris Simon Works for WCCO
John Durbin First news director
Rog Martin 74
Dan West
Kevin Brooks
Jim Dillman
Kat Country Victorville
KGOE Talent

KMDY Talent

Peter Posner PD
Stuart Levy GM
Peter Turpel GM/PD
Tim Riley Mornings '88-90
Mike Matthews 90-93
Robert Kelly
Rick Joyce
Jeff Elkins

Alan Skuba got the license to build 850khz in Thousand Oaks

KGOE'S transmitter site was built for a 50kw upgrade that never took place. KGOE had gotten a CP in the early 70's to go 5kw days and 1kw nights, but failed to follow through with the project.

First song ever played: Stan Peters "Sweet City Woman"
First DJ: Frank Touch

KGOE was a RCA turnkey setup from studio to transmitter, including turntables & cart machines

KGOE sold in 1984 for $750,000, a bit shy of the 900,000 asking price. The land under the towers was also available at the time of the sale for an extra $72,000; now it's worth millions!

First call letters issued to 850 AM were KKTO, but were changed to KGOE to avoid association with Thousand Oaks. Despite its poor signal in the San Fernando Valley, the owners thought they could take on KGIL; they even used Ford Mustangs as their mobile units' like KGIL did.

Jim Minnick 72-73

Jack Popejoy
The New KNJO
KGOE Tidbits:
Through KGOE's short life, many ownership changes had taken place. At one time KGOE shared ownership with
KOWN 1450 AM in Esconsido, California. KGOE was also part of a group that owned stations in Bakersfield now 550 AM KUZZ (KAFY) and KKIQ 101.7 FM Livermore California.

KGOE's program director Bob Smith, was transfered to  KKIQ 101.7 FM in '75 to carry on the duties of PD there, and replaced by Johnny Darin who flipped KGOE from Top 40 to Hard Rock.

KGOE's remote trailer could often be found parked near the waterfalls in the Topanga Plaza, but rarely in the COL.

Many owners, would not let KGOE cover local news, even when a brush fire was burning right in front of their Westlake Plaza studios; the DJ was forbidden to report it.

KGOE was doomed from the start with endless ownership changes and mismanagement. shake ups started before the station hit the airwaves; according to one of the stations original partners Ted Wheeler.

In KGOE's final days, things had gotten so bad, that when they offered free Disneyland tickets to the forth caller; nobody called! Remotes were even more embarrassing; often with only a few staffers showing up!
KGOE's first home was at the Westlake Plaza,
at 850 S Westlake Blvd in Thousand Oaks
Air Studio
Johnnie Darin
KGOE PD 1975-6
Passed away
on 3-9-2014
Out And About With Roger Martin
Rog Martin
Bill Balance
Bill Manders Now!
Bill Manders
Tim Riley '88-90
Former KGOE and Longtime CBS radio news anchor, reporter and journalist Jack Popejoy died of complications from cancer on Saturday Feb 6 at his home in Sherman Oaks. Jack was 63.
KGOE's owner Jim Simon and frequent guest Maureen Reagan
Chris Simon in KGOE's production room
Chris Simon at about the age of 16 around 1980
Photo courtesy of Chris Simon
Photo courtesy of Chris Simon
KGOE'S Production looked like this when it was on Thousand Oaks Blvd. We recreated the KGOE production room using a stereo version of the RCA 5 pot console and RCA cart machines.
Tom Straw
Frank Touch, getting ready to play KGOE's first song
Tom Straw with contest winner
Photo courtesy of Chris Simon
Chris Simon
Johnnie Darin
Passed away on
March, 9 2014
Bob Smith State Farm Insurance
Bob Smith PD
Flipped KGOE to Top 40 in 1974

KGOE Phasor
KGOE Tower Base
KGOE - KMDY Tribute site
850AM Towers, just before they were knocked down.

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