KNJO Thousand Oaks
Hi Conejo Cottontail at your service
KNJO Streaming Rack 2
KNJO Streaming Rack 1
Instead of one FM transmitter, as in the old days;
KNJO uses state of the art servers to spread its programming to our forest of transmitters all over California. Our transmitter sites, are the same ones that connect your cell phone. We are available where ever your cell phone or tablet work.
One of thousands of tower sites
located throughout California
KNJO Streaming Rack 3
At home or work, wireless modems
connect your devices to our servers
Wi-Fi Streaming radios for at home listening
Cell phones and Tablets for
portable on the go listening, also
connect easily via Blue Tooth to most
modern auto sound systems.
KNJO Streaming Technology
KNJO Thousand Oaks

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